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    Production base
    production base
    Suzhou Xiangcheng
    Suzhou Xiangcheng
    Suzhou Coosch House Technology Co.,Ltd.  is located in Yangcheng Lake Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, with a planned area of 80 acres. The company mainly produces domestic residential overall sanitary ware products, and at the same time provides the supporting parts for the overall sanitary ware products exported to Japan, and the annual production capacity will reach 15,000 sets of overall sanitary ware products. The company set sanitary ware industry thirty years of production and management experience, has a number of domestic sanitary ware industry production technology and quality management leaders, more importantly, the company with international standards, with reference to international standards, the introduction of Japan's sanitary ware industry and the Housetec Co., Ltd. advanced production technology, management concepts and quality assurance system; the company currently has three first-class level of sanitary ware production line At present, the company has three sanitary ware production lines with domestic first-class standard; the second phase of the factory introduces domestic advanced sanitary ware color steel production line, and our company will also carry out more in-depth cooperation with Housetec Co., Ltd. and subsequently will comprehensively develop and produce other housing facilities with the world's advanced standard, and strive to create the international first-class products. Therefore, we believe that in the near future, the company will produce high-quality bathroom products that will surely make your life more comfortable and restful. Our goal is to build the company into a world-class sanitary ware production enterprise, and let the whole bathroom enter every family as soon as possible.
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