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    Fearless of Wind and Snow | Keyi Helps China Winter Olympics
    date:2023/4/13 10:23:43 browse:1274次

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    The 24th Winter Olympic Games will be held in Beijing and Zhangjiakou in 2022. This is the third Olympic event held by China after the Beijing Olympic Games and the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. China has also become a country that has achieved the Olympic "full slam". As one of the venues for the Winter Olympics' snow sports events, Chongli, a small city, is known as a "genius" - with a snow storage period of up to 150 days in the local and surrounding areas, it is known as "one of the most suitable places for skiing in the world". Starting from October, preparations for various facilities and equipment at the Chongli Snow Resort began in full swing.

    In the preparation for the construction of the Zhangjiakou Chongli Crown Prince City Ski Resort, Keyi was successfully selected as the supplier of the public bathroom, shower and bathroom project for the Winter Olympics Volunteer Dormitory due to its excellent strength and efficient construction efficiency. Immediately, Keyi's team packed up and resolutely embarked on the road to Chongli.

    After the beginning of winter, the weather in Chongli became colder and colder, with a howling cold wind blowing over it. The heavy snow covered the vast land like a huge woolen blanket, shining with a cold silver light. Time is tight and the task is heavy. Even though the road is covered in snow, the Keyi team still hasn't retreated. They marched forward in the wind and snow, shivering with cold all the way, their thick cotton clothes tightly wrapped around their bodies but still feeling cold. In order to catch up with the work schedule, after nightfall, the Keyi team was still on their way. In the sections where vehicles were unable to advance, they got off and walked, trembling and covering their hands on the road. The strong wind was unbridled, and the cool poured directly into their clothes.

    In such a difficult environment, in order to create a warm shower room for volunteers on time and with good quality, and to ensure the smooth hosting of the East Olympic Games, the Keyi team insists on working on the construction front line, carrying out operations in the ice and snow, meticulously installing every step, tightly fitting every board, and repeatedly verifying every component assembly. With their firm belief support, the harsh weather environment is no longer an obstacle, The footprints on the snow are their medals for perseverance, and the chilly wind is their medal for excellence!

    The original intention is easy to obtain, but it is always difficult to maintain. Since its establishment, Keyi has adhered to serving the public with high standards, high quality, and high efficiency. In the long river of the development of the prefabricated interior decoration industry, there are many examples of Keyi helping domestic development. In 2008, Keyi's overall bathroom successfully entered Linglong Tower with high-quality products and a complete service system, providing strong support for the operation of the Beijing Olympic Games Broadcasting Center; The integrated bathroom developed and produced by Keyi in 2014 solved the problem of bathing in the Antarctic cold conditions, met the requirements of Mount Taishan Station Master for a service life of 15 years, and escorted the scientific research of Mount Taishan Station in Antarctica. In order to ensure the success of the Winter Olympics, Keyi has deployed a team of high-tech talents to Chongli with excellent product strength, showcasing Keyi's spirit of craftsmanship with actions, and shouldering the burden of major domestic projects with craftsmanship, showcasing the great righteousness of the enterprise!

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