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    Good news! Further Development of Keyi's Overall Bathroom Journey
    date:2023/4/13 9:24:13 browse:1176次

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    Recently, Keyi won the bid with excellent technical strength and service quality in the "Overall Bathroom Procurement and Installation Engineering of Anju Phoenix Garden Project" with a good advantage! This is the result of Keyi's deep grasp and cultivation of the market, and also the high recognition of Keyi's quality in the residential market.

    The "Anju Fenghuang Yuan Project" is a major construction project in Pingshan District, Shenzhen. It is constructed by Pingshan Anju Company, a subsidiary of Shenzhen Talent Anju Group, and China Construction First Bureau is the EPC construction unit. This project is a large-scale residential project in Pingshan District, one of the major construction projects in Shenzhen, and also a rare super high-rise prefabricated residential project in Shenzhen and even in China. This project is committed to becoming a benchmark project for comprehensive supporting services in the eastern part of Pingshan, providing more than 3000 housing units. It is expected to be delivered for use in 2023.

    The winning project adopts the Keyi SMC series integrated bathroom, which is fast in construction, green and low-carbon, non-toxic, non radiative, and has a warm touch. It adopts a circular arc corner design, easy to clean, and is paired with a dedicated floor drain with a 50mm and 70mm water seal to prevent sewer odor. It can create an infinite fresh bathroom space with short construction period and low labor cost.

    Keyi has always been committed to the development of the prefabricated interior industry with an attitude of striving for excellence, knowing that good products and services are the foundation of its existence. The successful bid for the Anju Phoenix Garden project is not only a recognition of Keyi's strong strength, but also an encouragement for Keyi's development in the field of prefabricated interior decoration. In the future, Keyi will further explore and innovate in the overall bathroom industry, create a rich product system, use technology research and development as a means, and aim for high-quality products. On the way forward, Keyi will continuously break through itself and challenge the future!

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