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    Keyi Hongyun's 2025 plan, prepare for battle before departure
    date:2023/4/12 14:41:57 browse:1219次

    做 / 中 / 國 / 住 / 宅 / 部 / 品 / 服 / 務 / 商

    The assembly style of the Jianghu is surging, spreading from city to city, and the industry trend is sweeping in, with various enterprises rushing in first. A change in the wind brings with it a different fate for the enterprise. How to respond and break through the situation for enterprises at the forefront is a new challenge that everyone is facing.
    On June 13, 2020, the Keyi executive team held the Keyi "Hongyun 2025" and Management Organization Optimization Conference in Wuhu Industrial Park, putting the past behind us and getting ready to start again!

    During the decades when industrial architecture grew from scratch, from small to large, and from weak to strong, Keyi saw the needs of development, human needs, and nature.
    In the rapidly changing market
    Keyi Heavily Launches a New Chapter of "Hongyun 2025" Dream
    Incorporate 'our home, our rainforest' into the corporate spirit
    Let's respect nature, customers, and every component
    Spirit becomes the foundation for the development of Science and Art

    At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Chen Zhongyi, Chairman of Keyi, opened a new chapter of Keyi in "Hongyun 2025" for everyone. New suggestions and requirements have been put forward for the development blueprint of Keyi in the next 5 years, and a profound analysis has been conducted on the current situation and development direction of the industry. It is pointed out that Keyi should comply with the trend of prefabricated development, timely change and emergency response, return the glory of the past to zero, and focus on the development of full equipment.
    In order to enhance the vitality and competitiveness of the enterprise, Keyi has formally and deeply implemented structural reform since the date of the meeting, optimized the strategic layout of the enterprise, and laid a solid foundation for promoting the development of assembled full decoration.
    In order to improve the internal work efficiency of the enterprise and enhance the customer service experience, the heads of various departments of Keyi Group also sorted out their standardized work processes at the meeting, ensuring that future work can be carried out in a healthy and orderly manner. The internal management and operation mode of the enterprise has also been further improved.

    Keyi will optimize its enterprise operations in terms of products, industry, capital, brand, talent, and management, empower assembly-based development with comprehensive strength, and deeply integrate assembly-based component laying, domestic industry laying, and service integration, expanding both online and offline simultaneously.

    Hongyun winds between heaven and earth, with a broad mind like nature, a gentle and powerful aura like nature. Just as the corporate spirit is for the development of enterprises, the "Hongyun 2025" of Keyi not only points out the direction of product and industry development, but also reshapes Keyi's diverse culture, points out the direction for Keyi's brand inheritance, and enriches the spiritual culture of the enterprise.
    Red: Always maintain the heart of a child and create the Keyi Zhenghong
    Orange: Stimulating Enterprise Vitality and Continuing Pure Energy
    Huang: Harvest fruitful results, with over 350 honors added
    Green: Adhering to the concept of environmental protection, developing ecological components
    Youth: Sprinkle the sweat of youth and achieve a lasting foundation
    Blue: Open up a broad mind and explore the blue ocean market
    Purple: One thing in a lifetime, achieving good emotions

    Keyi "Hongyun 2025" refines the core of the corporate spirit of "doing one thing well in a lifetime" into all aspects of enterprise development, guiding Keyi people to move forward from craftsmanship, perseverance, inheritance, development, and exploration, injecting vitality into the corporate culture!
    "Hongyun 2025" integrates the enterprise's strategic layout, market expansion strategy, protection of natural rainforest, service for customer owners, shaping corporate culture and other aspects, which will unite the whole enterprise, make strategic planning for the future of Keyi, and pave a bright road!
    In the future, Keyi should maintain an empty bottle mentality, while relying on years of development history and technological advantages, combined with innovative corporate concepts, continue to actively explore, jointly deepen, self grow, accelerate the development of the entire system of prefabricated full packaging, promote the deep implementation and application of prefabricated full packaging in China, take human living experience as the axis, optimize people's living quality, and create better social, economic, and environmental benefits, Leading the new standards for future living!

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